Business Management and Commercial/Industrial Leasing Experience

This 67,000 square foot facility was originally built in 1940 by the Town of Tionesta for the Purinton Pottery Works and later occupied by a plastics manufacturer and multiple small industrial tenants. Today, the building is managed by Gail Vybiral, Office Manager, Forest Scientific Corporation.

The owner, John Martincic, CEO of Forest Scientific Corp.  is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in business & engineering management,  as well as residential and commercial/industrial real estate investment and leasing.  He speaks at conferences,  schools, and businesses worldwide.  His understanding of good business and a willingness to act as a sounding board and mentor is a priceless asset to his tenants.  His caring for the success of our tenants sets us apart from many industrial/commercial landlords.  The growth and health of your business is important to our business, so we keep an open line of communication with our tenants.

Forest Scientific Corporation is a global leader in Computer numerically controlled machinery.

The Tionesta Business Park is our global headquarters.
To Learn more about Forest Scientific, view this video: https://youtu.be/Xa9MIrrrFL0

Tionesta Business Park offers:

  • 12′ to 18′ ceiling heights
  • 3-phase, 2000kVA 2500 amp electric service (individually metered)
  • natural gas (individually metered)
  • forced air natural gas heating
  • fire suppression system
  • ground level and dock entry

Tionesta Business Park will lease short-term and long-term.  We are seeking to build long-term relationships with our tenants and help them create jobs for the Tionesta community.

Call us to see how we can meet your business space needs.